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I hate you the least.

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The girl that I used to have beef with in high school and almost fought down senior week kept messaging me the past three years apologizing for everything she did to me. I never really cared for it because I mean, I’ve been out of high school for three years so why would I care three years later, oh and not to mention, she called the cops on me twice my freshman year of college and almost got me kicked off my lacrosse team because of it, so I just ignored her messages and went on with my life. She messaged me again last night apologizing, and I just received it tonight, and I actually finally decided to respond and told her I was totally over it and not to worry about it because I haven’t been mad about it in so long. And now she’s tweeting about how happy she is and how everything’s finally falling into place and how hearing from me was all she wanted but she was so nervous that I was going to keep ignoring her. I guess all she really wanted was to hear that everything was okay even though she knew I didn’t really care and I don’t hold grudges. Hmm. Definitely made my night for some reason. People are just so cute, lol, ugh life life life. 

Definitely the best surprise anyone could ever do for me. Literally so speechless. Waking up this morning to a present sitting on my car definitely wasn’t something I was expecting. I know I’ve been ignoring you, and I’m so sorry… it wasn’t worth ignoring you. I know I used to bug you about wanting a Towson hoodie, but I actually wasn’t being serious, even though I really wanted one, and I didn’t think you were going to get me one. The only reason why I consider this the best surprise is because I did absolutely NOTHING to deserve it. I completely stopped coming over, I stopped texting and calling you, I barely ever respond to your texts, and you do this for me, you get me a 40 dollar hoodie and write me the cutest note ever… I cannot wait to come over, I swear I am going to tackle you and give you the biggest hug ever💙 Thank you so much for being so patient with me and never getting mad at me. You’re so full of love and patience, and that’s something I never got in my last relationship. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so happy you still chose to stick around.