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People come to me everyday for relationship advice, and they tell me all the time that they go to me because my advice works and I always know what to say or that I’m really good at fixing relationships/making situations better, which I honestly don’t understand because all my relationships have failed lol. Blows me. All I know is that if you fight with your significant other EVERYDAY, is there really a point in being together? No, it’s not worth constantly being sad and crying everyday. I watch so many people get dragged down by their toxic/unhealthy relationships, and it upsets me, because as long as love is a factor, neither one is ever going to want to leave, even when you know deep down you should. It’s a vicious cycle. I just wish some of my friends would realize this. There’s so much I can do and say, and it sucks that I can’t do much, all I can do is be the shoulder they cry on. Know your self worth. Everyone deserves to be happy, not miserable.


One place I would love to visit again.

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